Thank you for taking the time to share your patient safety concern or event regarding a Joint Commission accredited organization. The Joint Commission takes any information about one of our accredited organizations seriously.

   Please be aware that The Joint Commission does not evaluate the care of an individual, or whether that care was appropriate. Instead, our evaluation focuses on processes that are required within our standards. Issues related to billing, insurance or labor disputes are not within The Joint Commission Standards. We encourage you to contact the organization directly for resolution.

   Please complete the following to submit a safety concern or event regarding a Joint Commission accredited organization. (Note: if you can not locate an organization within the dropdown menu, the organization may not be accredited by The Joint Commission.)

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Thank you for taking the time to share your patient safety concern. The Joint Commission is here to help organizations improve. We will use your report to better understand systems of care and guide improvement.

We will review your report and determine how best to evaluate your concerns. This could include contacting the organization about your concern.

Should we decide to contact the organization about your concern, please confirm whether you give The Joint Commission permission to:
  • Release your name as the source of this concern and share a copy of the information you have sent to The Joint Commission with the organization.
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  • Permission to share may not result in an inquiry, but it will enable sharing your name as source and a copy of the information should The Joint Commission decide to write the organization about your concern.
  • If confidentiality is not waived, we may still act on your reported safety concerns following our established processes for anonymous reporting. Anonymous reporting is no promise of confidentiality since the organization could independently investigate and become aware of your identity.
  • Please be aware that in line with our Public Information Policy, we cannot provide you with the organization’s response should an inquiry be pursued.
Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention and helping us with our mission of continuously improving healthcare.